A Guide to Detailing Your INFINITI

Purchasing your first INFINITI is a life moment that you’ll never forget. Doing the work to keep your INFINITI in pristine condition year-round is perhaps not as memorable, but immeasurably important. Though there are steps you can personally take to care for your luxury car, there will be times when your own efforts aren’t to your satisfaction.  That’s where taking your INFINITI in for an in-depth detailing comes into play.

Courtesy of Bush INFINITI of West Chester, here’s a rundown of what detailing your luxury vehicle entails.

Detailing: What Exactly Is it?

Detailing – sometimes referred to as reconditioning – is a thorough deep-cleaning process in which your interior, exterior, and tires are cleaned and polished. This can involve a combination of washing off dirt and grime from the surface, cleaning out hard-to-reach areas of the interior, buffing out scratches in the paintwork, glass cleaning, waxing, headlight restoration, and much more.  

It’s entirely up to you how thorough you want to be with your detailing process, as our Detail Center offers a variety of unique packages. Just keep in mind that your new INFINITI QX55 requires more care and attentiveness than your average vehicle. You’re driving the type of car that deserves to be kept in prime condition, and for that, we’d recommend our Ultimate Interior and Exterior Detail packages. Consider also investing in extra services offered, such as Ceramic Pro Coating.

First: Some Friendly Maintenance Reminders

Before taking your INFINITI in for detailing, make sure you’re following all commonsense aspects of your daily upkeep. After all, if you stained an expensive piece of clothing, you would rush to get it dry-cleaned. In the same sense, you shouldn’t ignore any blemishes on your INFINITI for elongated periods of time. Oils, dirt, and bird droppings have a subtle corrosive effect that can erode your car’s paint if left to linger. When it comes to the interior, dirt, gravel and sand can accumulate quickly, threatening to damage the carpeting and upholstery. Be sure to vacuum out your INFINITI once a week to stay on top of debris and preserve your car’s fresh scent.

Also be mindful of the elements conspiring to damage your car. Keep your INFINITI stowed away inside on rainy days, as rainwater can activate dry sediment on the finish, which can then damage the exterior if not removed. Even UV rays from the sun can cause the paint to crack and peel over time. To combat this, use some form of sealant wax after washing your car to help shield its surface from the sun. Additionally, use a car cover if you don’t have an interior space to store your INFINITI in.  

Preparing Your INFINITI For Its Spa Day

If you’ve decided it’s time to give your INFINITI the thorough detailing it deserves, there are steps you can take beforehand to prepare.  

  1. Know Your Vehicle. The preferred products and chemicals used for detailing vary depending on your vehicle’s make and model. Be sure to know the ins and outs of your INFINITI so you can avoid damaging it with inferior materials.  
  1. Clean the Interior and Wash the Exterior. This may sound redundant, but think of it as rinsing your dishes before you place them in the dishwasher. It will allow our certified technicians to focus on more difficult areas of the car if the interior is vacuumed and the exterior is washed beforehand.  
  1. Know what services your garage or dealership offers. Brush up on the services we offer and decide which is most compatible with your INFINITI’s needs before driving to your appointment.  

The Answer Lies in the Details

Schedule your appointment today with our team of experienced service technicians at INFINITI of West Chester. We’re your premier destination for tires, as well as any parts or accessories your car requires. And beyond the cosmetic glow-up our Detail Center offers, your INFINITI Premium Care Plan will help keep your INFINITI serviced year-round, and includes oil changes, tire rotations, air filter replacements, and more.

One last piece of advice: after detailing is complete, you might want to drive home right away rather than lingering around. Otherwise, you might start getting offers for it – because your INFINITI will look like it belongs back on the showroom floor.

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