Infiniti’s Electric Strategy – How the Luxury Brand Plans to Rival Competitors

Infiniti has been falling behind on electric vehicle innovation. Still, the luxury brand is prepared to stun audiences with their new EV sedan concept first released at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Show.

What We Know About the Vision Qe So Far

First announced at the Tokyo Auto Show in October of 2023, Infiniti announced its debut in the electric vehicle market. The now-named Infiniti Vision Qe is a sleek, stylish vision deserving of the title ‘luxury vehicle’. This futuristic sedan is still a mystery, but here’s what we know so far:

The Infiniti Qe is inspired by the Japanese concept of “Sho”, an elegant bird's powerful and graceful flight. Its sleek, black, metallic body with glowing gold accents makes it seem like an artifact of legend brought from the future. This EV is only the beginning for Infiniti, with plans to expand into electric beyond the Qe’s release.

The Infiniti Qe may seem like a late arrival to the furiously growing electric market. However, due to so much new technology revolutionizing EVs, Infiniti is choosing to take its time and present a vehicle that’ll impress instead of rushing to follow a trend. The Qe was originally set to arrive in 2026 but has been delayed until 2027. This delay allows the world to catch up with infrastructure technology and ensure that Infiniti uses only the best for its luxury debut.

Infiniti’s Electric Future

Infiniti has an inspiring plan for upcoming changes as they rework their brand and transition into more EV offers in the coming years. While we will have to have some patience to see the amazing features that will be delivered in 2027, there are still many great options of Infiniti luxury vehicles to choose from.

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